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CDF Web Solutions
direct: +1-301-661-0600
fax: +1-301-309-0172

CDF Web Solutions provides a full range of services for organizations seeking to enhance their website, add new features, deploy a new site, or outsource site updates.

CDF analyzes your current web offerings to understand what’s working and what’s not; provides comprehensive project management to ensure that your implementation goes smoothly; and offers ongoing site maintenance to ensure your site continues to provide a relevant, engaging experience for your users.

Website audits

Our expert analysis focuses on identifying practical steps to enhance your site, based on your business goals and audiences’ needs. CDF Web Solutions will work with you to clarify your website objectives and can even survey your users to assess their needs.

Audit results will ensure:

  • site content is compelling, relevant and suitably adapted for the Web
  • your site effectively communicates your message to your target audiences
  • your site serves the functional requirements of your users
  • your site is logically organized and easy to navigate
  • the technical and graphic design of your site adheres to industry standards and best practices

CDF can also help you identify the right technology solutions based on your website needs and staff/budget resources.


Website design and development

CDF Web Solutions provides comprehensive project management and implementation for the development of new websites and the redesign/enhancement of existing sites.

We address all aspects of your site, ensuring they work together to achieve your business goals, including:

  • Content

    • identify and organize the information, documents, multimedia resources and other content elements that will form the backbone of your website
    • adapt your written materials for presentation on the web, drawing on our web-writing and editorial expertise
    • ensure the substance and style of your message communicates effectively with your target audiences
    • produce new content and/or locate external sources to expand your offerings and encourage repeat visits to your site
  • Design

    • present your content in a manner that is easy to read and navigate
    • ensure the visual design of your site reinforces your overall message while conveying a sophisticated, professional image
    • adhere to Web Standards and best practices that will ensure your site has maximum flexibility, forward compatibility and accessibility for all users
  • Functionality

    • implement technology solutions that achieve the functionality you need at a reasonable cost
    • incorporate modular components that enhance the value of your site without ‘reinventing the wheel’
    • provide unbiased evaluation of third-party systems
    • explore additional distribution options for your content to reach a wider audience
    • use new technology to achieve more dynamic, responsive sites


Ongoing website updates and maintenance

CDF provides a range of ongoing services that can be customized to your specific needs:

  • Regularly scheduled consultations to track your site’s progress and adapt to your changing needs
  • Ongoing web support to complement your in-house capabilities—up to full management of your website and content updates
  • Writing and editorial services to produce new content as well as identify external content sources
  • Web hosting, domain name administration, and search engine optimization